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As an element of the human condition, we will experience loss regardless of our income, social status, or educational background. But, what happens when the loss is a loved one? Where do we start our journey back to living life? In this compelling talk, Eric Hodgdon shares why survival is keeping us from living and what it takes to get up after life’s biggest losses. Eric trains resilience leaders and others who are stuck in struggle to rise above the noise, see the beauty in life, and thrive. He became a warrior for resilience in memory of his daughter, Zoi, after losing her to suicide in 2014.

Eric Hodgdon (pronounced Hodge-den) has been coaching and leading others for much of his adult life. Eric led high-performing Information Technology teams for 25+ years in the corporate realm, often leaning into the leadership challenges that most corporate leaders avoid. In the realm of resilience, Eric moderates a 26k+ member Facebook group on coping with grief and coaches others on navigating sudden setbacks in life.

Eric has been a  member of the Rooftop Leadership community for 4+ years, and as Lead Coach for Rooftop Leadership, Eric now takes the old-school Green Beret practices that Scott teaches – of making deep relevant connections, building relationships and leading others who may not want to follow- and applies those principles in coaching others both in their life and business. 

Eric is Zoi’s dad, a TEDx speaker, trainer, best-selling author, as well as the Chief of Staff of Rooftop Leadership. As a warrior for resilience in memory of his dynamic daughter, Zoi, Eric shares the generosity of his scars after losing Zoi in early 2014 to suicide.

He is no stranger to helping others along their path and, on your Rooftop Journey, Eric will be your guide as well. 

Eric is a high-performance breath coach certified by Dr Belisa Vranich.

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