World-class training based on Scott's #1 International Best Seller 'Game Changers: Going Local to Defeat Violent Extremism'

The stakes have never been higher in the realm of government work, specifically in diplomacy, security and development…and certainly they have never been more critical in the field of law enforcement. Twenty years of experience in Special Forces has given Scott the skillset to train over 15,000 Navy Seals, Green Berets and Law Enforcement officers around the world in community engagement. 

Certified - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

This training is offered as either a keynote, half-day workshop, or full-day workshop, paired with a virtual video course and the book ‘Game Changers: Going Local to DefeatViolent Extremism.’ 

Changing the Game provides proven and cost-effective methods to stabilize at-risk areas and develop community engagement. This is all about empowering communities as antibodies to violent extremism. This training is relevant at home or abroad.

Leveraging a methodology forged in the dusty villages of Afghanistan, Scott will train your people on timeless principles and immediately relevant tools to stabilize rough areas. Your people will learn cutting edge skills in:

  • Human Domain Analysis
  • Community Engagement Principles
  • Establishing rapport in trust-depleted areas
  • Building and restoring trust
  • Creating powerful relationships
  • Advanced interpersonal communications skills
  • Improve inter-agency/organizational collaboration
  • Strategic storytelling and narrative competence that outpaces violent extremist narratives by using the concept I call the ‘generosity of scars’

This training is for military, special operations, law enforcement, international business, or any government organizations who realize that stability and security efforts abroad and at home are falling short and that trust is eroding between communities and foreign governments. This course will help practitioners and leaders alike find powerful ways to restore trust and stability.


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