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As a speaker, trainer and author, Scott remains on a mission to teach large corporate entities and small businesses the same “game-changing” strategies he applied in combat. Having trained C-suite executive and associates at Fortune 100 companies in human connection and leadership practices, he is committed to helping your team learn and develop these skills.

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What can we do for your organization? That is THE question, right?

Whether you lead a group of battle-hardened Marines, busy C-suite executives or young, energetic business school students your participants will be ready to adapt new ways of thinking, operating and executing into their daily workflow and experience, as well as their long-term professional development. Scott has trained a broad range of groups from Fortune 100 coporate entities to local small businesses. He is able to connect with and mobilize people across many industries and backgrounds to achieve outcomes they didn’t even think possible and dramatically raise their output and results. 

The trainings Rooftop Leadership offers range from restoring trust in the workplace to making deep human connections for business growth to storytelling for powerful sales results. Your teams will learn information and techniques that can be applied in the immediate hours and days following their training.

  • Lead From the Rooftop Course: Leadership is a skill, not an instinct. It can be taught. And when taught in a series of video courses and on-site workshops, your people will acquire skills that are an unfair advantage in the marketplace and a rock-solid anchor for weathering internal storms.

  • Lead with Story Workshop: Stories move people to action. They inspire people to buy from us, follow us, and believe in us. The stories you tell your team, and the stories they tell your clients and shareholders will set you apart from all the left-brain PowerPoint and spreadsheets that are choking the marketplace. At Rooftop Leadership, we take storytelling to a whole new level by using the generosity of scars.

  • Senior Leader Retreat: Getting back to human nature is the key to leadership. To get back to human nature, we take your best leaders back to nature. In this one – of – a – kind leadership retreat, we will train your leaders deeper and more effectively than they’ve ever been trained. They will return to you with a sense of self and leadership capability that will exponentially launch you toward your strategic vision.

Scott and an Afghan Commando whose identity has been protected


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