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As a former Green Beret, I spent the last two decades practicing the art of human connection in low trust, high-stakes arenas around the world. As a speaker, I share life and death leadership and communications lessons that work even better when it’s life and business. Let’s talk about how I can be a unique and powerful addition to your event and instill your audience with a common sense of purpose.

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“Our speaker lineup has included historic politicians, inspirational survivors, world-class athletes, and strategic influencers just to name a few. We did a comprehensive poll of our audience. Scott Mann is the highest rated speaker HCPA has ever had.”

Rebecca Korwin, Ph.D

Chair of the Board, The Household and Commercial Products Association



Rooftop Leadership: Authentically Connecting People to Purpose

How do you lead people who are reluctant to follow? The answer is human connection. Once we have a greater understanding of our need to connect with others, we can start to build better, deeper, stronger relationships with those around us. Scott draws from his experiences leading and connecting people in some of the most challenging, war-torn environments in the world to outline powerful methods for fostering better trust and connection using time-tested Green Beret interpersonal skills that can be adapted by any organization. Afterall, what works in life and death works even better in life and business.

Operation Pineapple Express

How do you lead when everything is falling apart and chaos reigns supreme? In the heat of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a group of volunteer veterans stepped into the breach to lead a grassroots movement to help rescue Afghan nationals trapped in extremely dangerous conditions as the country collapsed all around them.

Operation Pineapple Express, the nonprofit organization Scott founded and dedicated to rescuing and resettling our Afghan allies, played a pivotal role in their safe passage away from life-threatening situations.

Scott will take the audience along for the heart-wrenching, moment-by-moment events as he tells the story of secretly moving Afghans through holes in the airport perimeter known as the Pineapple Express. Then, he brings it all full circle as he challenges people to identify their own Pineapple Express and answer the call to lead in difficult times.

Lead Yourself First

Supply chain shortfalls. Unprecedented change management. Low personnel numbers. Now more than ever, teams are being asked to consistently perform at the highest level with fewer – and more limited – resources. This ultimately leads to burnout and high levels of turnover.

In this talk, Scott demonstrates to leaders how they can inspire consistent high performance in a sustainable way. Drawing from his experiences as a leader in the Special Ops Community, he shares the ways embracing a culture of rhythm, rituals, regimen, and rigor can help teams overcome the inertia of burnout while remaining resilient over the long haul to achieve strategic objectives. 

The Generosity of Scars

How can you connect with clients and associates when we are facing an epic struggle? By telling your story. It’s how the brain makes sense of the world and how your audience makes sense of your mission. As Lt. Col. Scott Mann shares, through purposeful storytelling, you can create an impact, accelerate trust, and make your vision more relatable to the people you aim to connect with.

In this talk, Lt. Col. Mann leads a discussion where he walks audiences through the process of discovering purpose, building a movement, and learning to tell their story in the service of others. In doing so, he arms organizations with the skills needed to influence and engage people, while developing a competitive edge.

Reconnecting After the Storm

How do we reconnect after the persistent fear, unprecedented change, and epic isolation of a multi-year pandemic? Reemerging and reconnecting after a storm like the one we’ve been through is not to be left to instinct alone. “The Great Resignation” has shown us that leaders who can’t reconnect with their people wherever they are on their emotional journey will likely lose them. This affects performance and the bottom line.

Scott shares his lessons learned from reconnecting as a multi-tour veteran returning home from war and how they can be adapted to the evolving workplace. Creating parallels to people returning to the office, he offers hard-hitting human connection skills that will enhance leaders’ ability to boost psychological safety and human connection in their organizations, while uniting their people around a shared purpose.

Getting Below the Waterline in Times of Low Trust

How do you overcome the trust gaps between you and the people you serve that seem so pervasive in these complex times? As Scott shares, you have to get below the waterline – that’s where the real essence of humanity and connection, regardless of language or culture, resides. Green Berets recognize this, and it’s how they build rapport in low trust, war-torn environments where there is a thin line between life and death. Having trained Green Berets in this social science skillset for more than two decades, Scott gives audiences a crash course on how to get below the waterline with their teammates and clients. He shares actionable steps for building the type of trust that moves people to follow you and invest in a shared vision, as well as insights for develop in a detailed plan of action that is more relevant to achieving your objectives.


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“Being a self-proclaimed “lefty-liberal” and theatre nerd, I admit that I brought certain preconceived notions to the table when I heard that an “Army Guy” was going to be giving a speech about saving people in Afghanistan. It surprised me when it didn’t take long for me to be completely enthralled by his story. He shared his vulnerabilities, struggles, highs and lows – and most notably, his mental health journey. Hearing him talk about his difficulties with depression struck a chord in my heart. Even though I have never been on a battlefield I could relate completely with his fight against negative self-talk and feelings of worthlessness.

I am proof positive that Lt. Col. Mann’s teachings about storytelling and being generous with your scars is true. Somehow, the more specific you are with your story, the more people will relate to it and see that same story mirrored in themselves. I am so grateful to Lt. Col. Mann for sharing his story, showing his vulnerability and proving me wrong.”

Kelly Hoglund, RYT 200
“Incredible hearing Scott speak. Never in my life have I had words resonate with me so clearly, concisely and effectively, including Tony Robbins.”

Jourdan Dufort,

“I am a firm believer in the mantra “everything happens for a reason.”  Originally, it was suggested that we engage Rudy Ruettiger as our keynote speaker.  As a Notre Dame fan, I was happy with that choice until Scott’s name was suggested.  I immediately knew that he was the right person but I was not expecting to be affected in such an emotional way!  His words affected me at a very deep level and I was able to relate to several situations he shared.  It was definitely the first time I was worried about waterproof mascara at a banquet!

I cannot express how much I appreciate his willingess to share such deeply personal details of his life in order to enrich the lives of so many others.”

Ronda Fawber, PNGA
“Scott was fantastic and really resonated so well with our attendees. His insights and stories were incredibly helpful and aligned very well with our mission as an organization.”

Capital One Commercial Banking
“Scott’s keynote had an element of “the cool factor.” I was so engaged as I felt myself climbing up to the Rooftop with Scott, getting ready to take on enemy gunfire. This speech was a “holy cow” moment. I realized that Scott had walked the walk and learned to connect with village elders who, if the engagement went bad, they would do more than just tickle the trigger of their rifles. I realized that if he could make connections with people that are so different from himself and worlds apart from his own culture, that it was possible for me to do the same. I left the keynote wanting to make a bigger impact in the world.”

Troy H., Leadership at Fortune 500 Company
“Scott Mann is riveting. When I first met Scott he struck me as a quiet force.  I felt his intensity. When I heard him speak, I was taken by his strength, passion, and respect. He has an ability to tell the story in a way that conveys the danger, intensity, urgency, and seriousness of its essence drawing the listener in without making them feel endangered. The more I listen to Scott speak the more I feel his commitment to purpose and excellence.”

Yonette F. Thomas, PhD., Senior Advisor, The New York Academy of Medicine

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