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Today’s government, military, and law enforcement leaders are experiencing the complexity of the 21st Century defined by ever-increasing top-down demands on training content for servicemembers. You’re stretched in your emotional and professional capacity every day by one of the most dynamic and stressful work environments in history.

At Rooftop Leadership, we understand that reality all too well. 

Certified - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
Certified - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business


In the last five years of his career, while serving on his third tour, Scott found a way to successfully build relationships and rapport in the trust-depleted environment of Afghanistan. The community engagement program he employed became known as the Village Stability Operation and became a central pillar of the NATO strategy. Scott translated this community-based, human connection approach into a #1 International Bestseller, Game Changers, founded Rooftop Leadership, and migrated those approaches into a leadership methodology for Fortune 100 Companies, Federal Law Enforcement, and the Special Operations Schoolhouse. Most recently, he used this same approach to help save over 1,000 at-risk Afghan Allies as the Founder of Task Force Pineapple.



The lessons Scott has learned over the years around purpose-based human connection are more relevant now than ever to the challenges government, military, and law enforcement leaders are facing. Scott and his team of Rooftop Leadership Trainers are proud to offer a variety of keynotes, course licenses, workshops, and trainings in-person and virtually.

The high-stakes, no-fail realities of today are too critical to have anything but the most relevant and compelling leadership content available in each of these arenas to meet your people where they’re at.


How do you lead in a low-trust environment? This is a question Scott has been addressing for three decades. In this training entitled, “Leading Through Low-Trust” he will show your participants the latest findings on how to read human dynamics and human nature in high-stakes situations for better connections and better outcomes. This is the same training he gives at the Green Beret Schoolhouse and most recently to the Customs and Border Protection Schoolhouse.


How do you bring a local, relationship-based engagement approach back into focus during these low-trust times? Scott makes no overtures to prescribe procedures but this question is a universal reality for government, military, and law enforcement leadership who share the critical need for building social capital in communities where trust is low. In this training entitled, “Changing the Game Through Community Engagement,” Scott has developed a collective methodology and individual approach known as the High Stakes Engagement Process that will give your participants pragmatic, non-theory best practices to building trust when the stakes are high, and leveraging the community as their greatest asset.


How do you live a fulfilling life after all the professional life you know and love, comes to an end? Scott’s transition sucked. He went from high performer to average Joe. The post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt started to take a toll and the residue from the years of suppressed trauma and profound guilt caused him to lose his purpose. He lost his voice, and he almost lost his life. But he found a way through regimen and narrative to reclaim a life that surpassed his time as a Green Beret. In this training, he will share candid observations about life after leaving public service and give your participants focused, actionable tips on how to continue ascension to a better future after leaving their service arena.

Scott and an Afghan Commando whose identity has been protected


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