I’ve seen that look in the mirror. When I looked at myself after grinding and grinding and grinding, well, there’s a predictable outcome to that. And it’s generally not a good one. I want to share with you today three reasons why grinding to get through a particularly persistent long-term crisis is not a good idea. 

First of all, is that when you grind for too long, you put yourself in a sympathetic state, you are in that fight, flight or freeze mode all the time.  Your cortisol levels are jacked. Your adrenaline levels are jacked. You are taking big slugs on the devil’s cocktail. Now that’s great when you’re at this elevated state, when you are trying to get away from a snake in the bushes, but it’s not great when you are trying to overcome a cashflow problem that is going to take at least eight weeks. 

The body is just not designed for that state, it never has been. The body is designed to go to an elevated sympathetic state, to fight, to flee or to freeze, and then to drop down into a parasympathetic state of calm and connect, where the body can metabolize that energy through emotion and breath, and then it reset itself. 

Join me by the fire-pit and let’s talk about, “3 Reasons Why Grinding Isn’t Enough”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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