What’s going on Rooftop Nation? 

So, how has COVID affected you? Talk about a loaded question.

But seriously, when you think about the longest running pandemic in modern history, how has it affected you? How has it affected your kids? How has it affected your marriage? How has it affected your business? How has it affected your community? How has it affected our nation? 

We as leaders, I believe we must constantly re-attune to our environment, and we should ask ourselves those questions. The first Special Ops imperative is to understand your operational environment because your environment is always changing. Context, according to Iain McGilchrist in, “The Master and His Emissary”, is everything.

We must understand local context. And so, understanding how COVID has affected the people you serve as a leader is critical, and I’ll be even more explicit. I’m talking about burnout.

Join me by the fire-pit and let’s discuss, “The Battle of Burnout”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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