I would say it’s always justified to be angry. I’m not a mental health professional, but I know that humans are emotional creatures and that an emotion is just that. It’s something that washes over you. It’s something that’s calling for your body to take an action. 

It’s the response to the emotion oftentimes, that is not appropriate, but the emotions… I think we have to have access to our emotions. 

I found that for me, from coming home from combat, to learning to perform on stage, and as a speaker, and a storyteller, if I don’t have access to my emotions, and if I’m self-editing and changing what I feel in the moment, man, I don’t think that’s healthy. 

More importantly, it’s how we respond to the emotions that makes the difference. Well, here is a tip, “Anger Makes You Stupid”.

Join me by the campfire and let’s talk about how, “Anger Makes You Stupid”.

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