“Scott, I totally get the need to own the room, but what if people don’t pay attention to me? What if people look at me like I don’t have the rank or title necessary to put out the kind of ideas and innovation that I think I have to offer? What then? What do I do if people don’t pay attention?”

I think that’s a great question to ask. Whether you’re a young person or an underrepresented segment of the population or heck, all of us at times find ourselves in a position where we don’t feel like our voice is heard or that people are paying attention. Maybe it’s low trust, maybe it’s because people are in their cell phones. Maybe it’s just that we’re distracted by other things, but we’ve all been there. 

We all know what that’s like to want to own the room, but then we feel like we’re not able to make that connection.

Join me by the fire-pit and let’s talk about how simply, “Being Present”, can be a game changer in developing the skillset to confidently, “Own the Room”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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