Our theme this week, as we go into our second month of narrative competence, is “Birthing your Story”.

It is a hard process. It is a challenging task and it comes from within us, and that’s why you’ll often hear authors and creatives call it “birthing a story” because it’s difficult. It’s painful. It doesn’t feel good often times when we’re doing this. It’s hard work. It’s deep work.

Birthing a story is not easy. It requires generosity. It requires you to tap in emotionally to the miles that you have run and the struggles that you’ve been through so that you can make yourself relatable. It requires you to be transparent, to be authentic.

“Birthing your Story”, requires you to reconnect with that emotional struggle, and it must be done in the service of others. If we tell stories just about ourselves for the sake of talking about ourselves, it has the opposite effect. We can’t watch it. People just dismiss you right out of hand as arrogant and self-righteous, right?

Join me by the campfire as we work together on, “Birthing Your Story”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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