Howard Altman of the Tampa Tribune wrote up a piece about Linda Robinson’s recently released “One Hundred Victories: Special Ops and the Future of American Warfare.”

He mentions me in the piece:

“I was drawn to the book because I have written about the Village Stability Operations/Afghan Local Police program, having been introduced to it by Scott Mann, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who was one of the program’s architects, and makes an appearance in the book, along with many others who Tampa folks will recognize. Talking to Mann led me to take a trip to Afghanistan to see the program for myself. So it was fascinating for me to read Robinson’s account that gives both the view from 30,000 feet and from the ground, and shows the “dramatic arc” of what might be the only hope for the future of Afghanistan and a lesson plan for future military endeavors. After all, the essence of the Village Stability Operations/Afghan Local Police program proved especially successful in Colombia and the Philippines.”

Here’s the whole article.

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