I like talking about my kids, and all the joys of parenting that go with it…and I especially like talking about it with my tribe. The reason?

Because you guys get it. You are so tuned into the fact that our kids are the greatest legacy we have in this world.

You don’t have to have kids for this to be relevant to you. Those that don’t have kids can still play a major impact in preparing our nation’s kids for the critical leadership skills they’ll need in the very near future.

Teaching your kids the leadership skills it takes to leave tracks

That’s the No. 1¬†focus of my wife and I when it comes to our three “Mann Cubs.” Have I ever told you that?

Yep, our mission is to prepare them to become the most relevant American citizens and leaders possible before they leave our house.

Yes, we want them to live into their dreams, and achieve all their goals, but most of all…We want them to LEAVE TRACKS. To make an impact bigger than themselves that serves those around them, and those that follow them. My Father, Rex, taught me that, and his taught him that.

As a dad, that’s not always an easy mission to fulfill. For example, there are so many times when I just want to hang out with my boys and not be the dad I need to be. I just want to be their buddy. Or if they do something I know is not in line with the exceptional goal of leaving tracks, sometimes I want to just let them skate by.

Nope. Can’t do it. That will have to wait.

Right now, I gotta make sure they are stepping into the gap and leading. No one else is going to lead. Not the politicians, not the corporate CEO’s, certainly not Hollywood or sports figures. It will be my kids and yours that will have to show these leadership qualities.

What are you doing to prepare your kids to lead?

Here is a tip: Talk to your kids about why you’re doing this. Explain that there is a leadership vacuum and that you are empowering them with a responsibility that they are well-suited for. My kids respond to it pretty damn well. They kind of take on a different look when I remind them of the type of leader they will be when they step into this world on their own.

I let them know I am their buddy, but I am their dad FIRST. And as dad, my job is to prepare them to live into the leaders they were meant to be…to reach their birthright of LEAVING TRACKS.

What are you doing to prepare your kids, grandkids, and the kids in your orbit to lead?

It ain’t easy.

It takes commitment, discipline, vision, and good old fashioned storytelling.

Tell us your take on this. Give our tribe some info. Let us know below some of the things you are doing to prep our kids for this world.

Until next time, keep leaving tracks!

I’ll see you on the high ground,


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