I want you to think about two very different places. The reality here in this country, and really all around the world, is that people are re-emerging into the sunlight out of this pandemic, in very different emotional states. I will tell you Rooftop Nation, our ability to know and to read that human terrain, and to lead in this time, is super important.

I’m sharing this with you because I learned this lesson the hard way in Afghanistan during the first 10 years I was there. I moved around that country like many of my other peers, with very little knowledge about what the last 40 years had been like for the folks that lived in those villages. It was not until we started to spend quality time in those communities, that I was able to see the miles they had run and the scars they had endured. When I was relatable to their pain and relevant to their goals, when I was able to see the pictures in their head and they knew it, that’s when things started to happen. 

I’m telling you as we emerge from this crisis, how we listen, how we connect as human beings is really going to affect whether or not we survive or thrive.

“Don’t Get Burned”. Join me by the fire pit and let’s talk about it.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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