Have you noticed how hard it is to connect with other people during these uncertain times? Sometimes, it feels like the gaps are as wide as the Grand Canyon doesn’t it? 

The most relevant leaders in these times of social challenge are the ones who can bridge gaps when times are hard. Green Berets learned how to do this since the early 1950’s using old-school interpersonal skills like narrative and active listening to build rapport. 

Today, Rooftop Leadership is taking those skills to a whole new level. Your ability to use story during high-stakes engagements will allow you to own almost every room you go into. There’s no one better to help us understand this than my guest Dr. Kendall Haven. He is a master storyteller who put the science into the art of storytelling. This podcast is jam packed with information on helping you become a better story teller all around. Don’t miss it.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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