So, what is it about story that makes it so powerful? In this month of July, we’re focusing on Narrative Competence, Part One. And before I get you on your feet, and start having you develop your story, I want to talk about, “What is it that must be in a story?”

Let’s talk about five critical components you would want to include in a story. They’re not the only five, but they are five, “Essential Elements of Story”.

So, whether you’re telling a joke to your friends, that you really want to laugh, or whether you’re doing a sales pitch to a customer, or you want a donor to take action for your nonprofit, or you want your child to listen to the rules you’re laying down. If you’re going to use a story to connect with them, then what I’m going to ask you to do, or to consider, these five essential elements.

Join me by the campfire and let’s get into the deep work and learn about the “Essential Elements of Story”.

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