Have you ever heard of a guy named Lawrence of Arabia? What I am interested in and I think will serve you is the skill set that he used to build rapport, to establish relationships, and ultimately loyalty with very disparate, distrustful, difficult to work with folks. And then mobilize them, and galvanize them into a fighting force. 

What Lawrence did simplistically, was that he created a vision, he told a story about the city of Aqaba, this was a fortress on the sea that belonged to the Ottomans, the Ottoman Turks and if captured, would clearly pave the way for the overthrow of that empire.

Now, I tell you all that story not because I want you to fall in love with the T.E. Lawrence approach, which, you know, I hope you do. But in that I want to show you the return on investment that can be achieved when even one person applies the “Lawrencian” skill set to a disparate group of people who don’t even want to follow.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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