My theme for this week is Lead with Story, it’s the fourth element of the Game Changers methodology that’s in the original Game Changers book and most recently the new Game Changers, Citizens Edition, which was really written for you. It was written for you because we have to change the game if we’re going to defeat violent extremists, or if you want to play a bigger game, or even you want establish a movement in your own world.

Now, I’m not just talking about the fight against ISIS or Al-Qaeda, I’m talking about every day life. I’m talking about if you’re creating a movement as a leader, whether you’re small business owner, a non-profit founder, or a manager at work, if you are moving people to action, if you want people to take action in this world in a trust depleted environment, which is what we live in now, you’ve got to lead with story.

Story is the oldest most powerful form of communication in the world. The brain is wired for story. We find meaning and memory in story, and we’re the most meaning seeking creatures on the planet. We act on meaning. Stories convey that. Stories plant memories in our brain, they thread the needle of short term working memory and go into long term memory, that’s why you remember so vividly the stories of your grandparents. So, if you are moving in a certain direction with your company we have to know what that vision is and you have to tell us a story that will get us there.

Join me by the campfire and let’s talk about how leading with story can change the game for you in almost every interaction you have with your tribe.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop …

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