Stories are purposeful. They are designed to serve other people.

They are gifts and when you use them as gifts, a certain thing called reciprocity occurs where the audience or the listener of the story is connected or is reminded of what’s important or is given a lesson that they can learn for their life that they don’t have to get scuffed up for. Let me tell you something, this is a quarter of a million years old.

This is primal human connection and leadership, and so when I tell you stories are gifts, I’m not kidding you.

The generosity that you give through your miles and your scars is a gift and people appreciate it at a visceral, biological level. Oxytocin is emitted in the body and empathy occurs, and then reciprocity. It’s powerful stuff.

Reciprocity, when a listener hears that story, reciprocity occurs and then they want to connect to you, buy from you, invest in you. It occurs because of relevance, and Rooftop leaders are relevant leaders.

Join me by the campfire and let’s discuss the power of, “Gifting Your Story”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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