Isn’t it interesting that although we know listening is such a powerful thing, we know that biologically it validates us at an identity level and it endears and creates relevance and reciprocity.

Yet so few of us do it. It’s hard, right?

Right. It’s not easy. It’s a skill, and when you think about the listeners in your life, think about the great, great listeners in your life, for me my grandfather and my father, right? They come to mind. They work at it. They practice it. It’s not just a gift. It’s something that you work at. It’s a skill.

But if you do it and if you work at it, you can create a level of relevance, which is our theme this month. Owning the room. You get that relevance to own the room and it’s a powerful thing. More people buy from you. More people invest in you. The boss approves your plan more often. More donors write checks to your nonprofit.

High Stakes Listening is critical in acquiring the human engagement skills necessary to connect with your team and the important people in your life on the deepest of levels.

Join me by the campfire and let’s explore, High Stakes Listening.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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