How do we return to the light? And, by the light, I’m talking about better days. I’m talking about better ground. I’m talking about thriving instead of surviving. I’m talking about order instead of chaos coming out of this pandemic. 

The first step is that you have to own your life. You have to have agency in your life. These days, it seems to me that as I look around, not a whole lot of people are owning their life. They are giving their power away. They are giving their agency away to politicians or to pop stars or culture warriors, whatever you want to call them. 

We are giving our own agency away. And with that goes our personal responsibility and our self-actualization for taking that deep breath at the end of our life. I believe we have to own our life. 

So join me by the fire-pit and let’s discuss, “How Do We Return to the Light”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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