Hey, Rooftop leaders! Let me ask you a question as I welcome you to 2021, how are you saying goodbye to 2020?

When we say things like, “I just can’t wait for the year to be in my rear-view mirror”, or “I just want to put it behind me”, or even “I never want to think about it again”. It means that we came out on the losing side of that issue or challenge. It means that the environment owned us, instead of us owning the environment. 

The problem that I have with that, is that the times that we live in right now, they really speak to surviving versus thriving. Even when we get kicked in the teeth, even when things happen to us that knock us down, we have to find a way to thrive in these, and all the grubby times. 

This was a lesson that a lot of wise and experienced Green Beret sergeants taught me on some very dark days when things went very, very badly. Find a way, to learn to thrive.

Join me by the fire-pit and let’s ask the question, “How Are You Saying Goodbye to 2020?”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop….

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