Homework Before Leg Work.

Our monthly theme this month is ‘Owning the Room’. Achieving a level of relevance so that people follow you, buy from you, invest in you, believe in you. How do you do that? You achieve relevance, you become the most relevant person in the room. You’re relevant to the people you serve, and the problems that they face, and the opportunities they want to pursue.

You’re relevant to their needs, and when you are, it elicits a level of what’s called reciprocity, where people want to do things for you. They want to meet your goals, they want to follow you, they trust you.

The relationship moves deeper, the connection becomes strengthened, there will be reciprocity, they will perceive you as relevant, trusted. They will follow your leadership.

Join me by the campfire as we move instinct to skill and focus on the ‘Homework Before the Legwork’.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…


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