One of the things that I believe in, is the mindset that the relationship is the asset. I teach this to the Green Beret students at Fort Bragg when I teach in the school-house, and I teach it at Fortune 100 Commercial Banks, that “relationships are the asset”. 

Relationships are your greatest off-book asset, according to David Nour in his book, Relationship Economics. I learned at a very early age as a young Green Beret, that relationships are a precious resource, that allows you to pursue other transactions and outcomes over time. 

The relationship has to be at the epicenter of what you do, and for “Keeping Clients on Board”, that’s a critical mindset. We have to realize that the relationship is the asset, and relationship building as well as relationship maintenance, is a team sport. 

Join me by the fire pit and let’s continue to navigate these difficult times together and learn to work at, “Keeping Clients on Board”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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