Over the last few days, our small tribe of leaders has grown by leaps and bounds. Our leaders include school teachers, bankers, Green Berets, stay-at-home Moms, CEOs, farmers, fire fighters and more occupations than I can name.

Thank you for joining us.  I honor you and I am in awe of you.  You know that.  It is humbling and I think… encouraging to see leaders from all these places come together here because we’re not happy with what we are seeing around us, or where we are heading as a people.

We are better than what is around us and frankly, our families, our children, and our our communities deserve better.

The nature of our small tribe is that quality trumps quantity every time.  Isn’t that true in everything that really matters?!

But, today you and I are up against some rough challenges aren’t we?  The answers are not intuitive.  We need leader trade craft and collaboration to find the mindset and skill set best suited for leading our families, businesses, communities, and dare I say it… our nations, into the future.

That’s what we are about here.  I dedicated my life to working in rough places, coming in without fanfare to ‘lead below the noise.’  That’s what is required today if you are going to overcome all the b.s. out there – you have to lead ‘below the noise.’

This is what I’ll continue to focus on.

With that in mind, I’d like you to check out this short video on what it takes to lead.  I shot this in LA while attending some leadership training with Bo Eason.

The video is only about 4 minutes and it will give you three important things to consider when leading at every level in the 21st century.

Don’t forget to join our tribe if you haven’t already.  And bring a friend or two… just remember, leaders only.  No one is allowed to just come admire the problem.

As my hero Bo Eason says, “Players only.”

Until next week, enjoy the video, and thanks for what you do.


Scott Mann

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