These last six months have been unprecedented, but the churn in the next six months is going to pose more challenges to us than at any other point in our history as human beings. Regardless of your discipline, regardless of your party, regardless of what you believe, we’re going to face more challenges and more obstacles than ever.

The churn is a combination of distraction, disengagement, and distrust. When these three things combine, it creates caustic corrosion in the environments we need to lead. 

In this Rooftop Leadership webinar, I’m going to give you insight into how to think about the human terrain, how to think about the churn, and show you how the churn shows up…whether it’s in tribal Afghanistan or tribal America. 

How we orient to our operational environment in the next six months will determine how we either lead through it or get sucked into the churn ourselves.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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