My dad always told me “leaving tracks” is the most important thing we can do while we live on this earth. That was an Appalachian way of saying we should pursue a purpose in life that is bigger than ourselves … and have the passion to keep chasing it, no matter what. Today as we look at this hyper connected world, that is fast-paced, ever-changing, and at times … very cold, I don’t think his advice has ever been more true. Even though everyone seems to have an iPhone or mobile device, isn’t it easy to feel isolated these days? We are often adrift in a sea of individuals bumping into each other.

Most of us crave some sense of higher purpose. Unfortunately, our crazy life tempo often causes us to forget about this higher purpose or just cover it up with many of the mindless tasks we think we have to do every day. But as Dad also says, “no one takes in their last breath and says I wish I had spent more time at the office.”

I have been blessed as a career Green Beret, to bear witness to so many of my Friends who left this world far too early, but who demonstrated such higher purpose and passion that they left deep tracks for me to follow. That is why I am writing this to you.

How about you? How much time do you have left in your life to make it really count? None of us know. Do you want to leave deeper tracks in your life? Do you want the world to know what you gave, what you stood for?

Yep, it seems like leaving tracks is pretty important but not always easy to do. I know I’m guilty – but I’m trying, and I intend to keep trying. I am totally committed to finding as many ways as I can to do this.

If you would like to join me on this journey, I invite you to check out my Friday blog called “leaving tracks.” I’ll share stories with you from home and as I trot around the globe training warriors and businessmen that will help you pause and reflect on your own life – and perhaps make your tracks just a little bit deeper. I hope you enjoy my first video below.

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Until next time, Keep Leaving Tracks!




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