We all have to manage different kinds of rooms don’t we? Some of us find ourselves on the stage. Some of us are in board rooms or meeting rooms. Some of us are asking donors to invest in our nonprofit to make a difference in the community or in the world. Some of us are asking our employees to follow us on a vision that they can’t quite see yet. 

What seems to be consistent in the rooms that we have to own is that generally the rooms are high stakes, high risk, no fail type situations. 

Trust has become so depleted and distractions so prevalent, that frankly the expectations put on us as leaders have never been higher. When we think about the rooms that we have to go into, it creates a level of anxiety. Some people call it stage fright. If you’re in sports, some call it performance anxiety or the jitters, but whatever you call it we all know that feeling.

Join me be the fire-pit and let’s discuss how to better, “Manage Your Anxiety”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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