The “Mission Decision Line”, or the “MDL”, is the point of no return. 

It’s a line on the ground, and on your map, it’s like a valley, or a linear feature like a road, it’s  easily recognizable and it tells everybody from the highest headquarters to the operators and the pilots, that once you cross it, there’s no turning back. 

That is the decision line that no matter what happens, unless you hit extreme abort criteria you’re going forward with the mission.

We have inundated ourselves in this society with so many choices, so many safety nets, for our kids, for ourselves, that there is no struggle; there is no risk in pursuing the things that are bigger than us and pursuing the things that light our fire. 

As a result of that we’ve become inundated and homogenized, with 80,000 choices. It keeps us right in the middle of the road; it keeps us in the bleachers instead of the arena.

Let’s talk about how an “MDL” in your own work and life will you move you to action.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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