Narrative competence,

Whether you are a senior leader in a Fortune 100 company, whether you are a speaker, whether you are a small business owner, a nonprofit owner, a warrior, or a transitioning warrior, pretty much anything where you have to deal with people and achieve big things in a high stakes environment, narrative competence is absolutely essential.

We’ve got a major disconnect between top and bottom, between upper echelons of leadership and the folks in the trenches who are doing the grind. You’ve got a disconnect there. You’ve got a disengagement there. You’ve even got some level of distrust.

So how do you overcome it? Human connection. Humans are the most social creatures on the planet. We can’t do anything without a human connection. People have to see you as relevant to their problem. Authority means nothing in this day and age in a trust depleted environment. Are you relevant to the problem? Are you credible? Are you relatable? Can I see in you the fact that you’ve run miles and you’ve got scars and I can relate to you? Are your words resonant to me? Do they help me see myself as the hero in the journey?

Join me by the campfire and follow the video lessons over the next month as we learn how “Narrative Competence” is crucial to making the human connections that will establish you as the most relevant person in the room.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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