As you think about leadership today in your organization, in your household, in your community, do you see lots of motivation? Do you see lots of engagement? Do you see a lot of collective energy, or do you see evidence of apathy, disengagement, disconnection?

Our theme this month is the challenge of human connection, understanding your arena and that no one wins alone, and if you want to accomplish things bigger than yourself, if you want to leave deep tracks in this world, you’ve got to be good at human connections. You’ve got to be great at human connections. The most relevant person in the room, which is the person we’re going to follow, is the person who can make the best human connections.

So join me by the campfire in Old Florida as we learn that without those connections, a sense of purpose and leadership… there is no “Rocket Fuel” to make those “Moon Landings”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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