Regardless of the reasons, we’re more disconnected today than we’ve ever been in our history and so moving people to action requires serious leadership skills and understanding your purpose is absolutely essential. What is it about purpose, why is that so important?

Well, the reason is we are humans, the most meaning seeking creatures on the planet. We absolutely crave meaning. We are social creatures, we get by and survive by grouping and relying on each other and so our identity and our sense of purpose or meaning is everything to us. This is universal anywhere in the world.

This week we’re going to be talking about purpose and it’s not always an easy thing to figure out. This is a question I think we never stop asking ourselves but we owe it to ourselves to try to get as much clarity on this as we can. The more clear we are on our purpose the more we’re able to move people to action when it really counts.

Check out the full video on purpose above… and thanks for what you do, until next time,

I’ll see you on the Rooftop.

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