Understanding the power of hospitality both as a giver and a receiver is a powerful skill. Hospitality has tremendous business impacts for you in the modern era, especially when you think about how trust depleted, how distracted, how disengaged the world is. When someone demonstrates hospitality, it’s a powerful thing.

I would go to places in Afghanistan that were so trust depleted, so violent, yet an elder would bring us into their home, give us their last quarter of meat, share their fire with us, share their stories with us, and make us feel welcome. As a result of that, it accelerated trust. It accelerated the connection, it demonstrated their status and their ability to take care of business. It’s a powerful primal leadership tool that very few people use anymore.

Join me by the fire-pit and let’s discuss how you can learn the skill of Hospitality and use it in your business and life relationships.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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