I recently did my first TEDx Talk on Rooftop Leadership in Santa Barbara, California. It brought the house down with a standing ovation. Man, was it humbling to see people I’d never met crying and clapping for a better way that was forged in combat by men who died fighting for you and me.

And now, I get to share it with you. If you want to connect like your life depends on it with your employees, co-workers, spouse and children, the next 18 minutes could truly change your life. One viewer said:

Passionate, inspiring and emotional message from Scott. His message is one that should resonate with anyone who leads people regardless of the job or position. We are all better off working as one!

– Steve Eagon

What is rooftop leadership?

Most of all it’s service-based leadership. It’s when your higher purpose serves not those around you, but those who follow you — people that you will never even meet. And if you can do that, if you can leave tracks, anyone will follow you into the darkness.

Our country and our businesses desperately need people who are passionate about leaving tracks. It’s leaders like you and me who are in the companies, the factories, the schools, and the trenches who are going to get it done.

And it’s rooftop leadership, the kind that I learned in the dusty Afghan villages, that will take us there.

Changing the world with service-based leadership

We need to change the world with this leadership training. Help me build a community of rooftop leaders. After you watch this video, please share with your tribe and tell them why they should watch and share.

I’ll see you on the rooftop.

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