Welcome to 2020! This year I am going to talk about pain points that leaders just like you who are playing a bigger game, who want to do something bigger than themselves, who are creating movements, who value connection and impact are coping with every day.

We’re going to talk about the pain points that you face, whether you’re a fortune 500 CEO or leader of a nonprofit. We’re going to talk about what Rooftop Leaders face in terms of pain points and our pain point this month is “Self-Sabotage”. How do we deal with those moments when we feel like this is too daunting, too overwhelming? Well, the first thing I will tell you for this week’s V-log is, “Do What Scares You”.

Join me by the fire pit to bring in 2020 and let’s get into working through, “Self-Sabotage”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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