The “rat race”, the operational tempo that will dominate you, own you if you’re not careful. It can make it very difficult to do what Rooftop Leaders are supposed to do, which is to play a bigger game. To serve a purpose bigger than yourself and to have an impact that leaves tracks. 

We sometimes let the rat race dominate us, consume all we do and create the state of, “Too Busy”. I can’t tell you how many senior executives say the same thing to me, “Scott, I just don’t have time right now. I’m too busy to train for this.”

That’s like a special operator saying, “You know, I’m too busy doing this mission right now or preparing for this mission to practice my marksmanship.” 

That’s what I see senior executives doing all the time. They’ve allowed the operational tempo of their arena to dictate their day. 

They are no longer in charge of their calendar. Major problem for a leader who wants to have an impact in the world.

Join me by the fire pit, let’s beat the rats in the race and learn to manage another major element of Self Sabotage, “Too Busy…”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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