Many leaders believe that “soft” skills, like active listening, narrative competence, interpersonal presence, they think that those skills, because they’re called “soft skills”, are secondary to the “hard skills”, or that they convey a form of weakness that a leader really doesn’t need, right? 

They believe you need the “hard” skills if you’re going to be a leader, and that the “soft” skills are for the weaker leaders.

It’s a very, very unhelpful way of framing those skillsets. And I say that as a guy who trains some very senior business leaders in the commercial world, and I’ve heard it come out of their lips. Like, “Well, what’s the use of these soft skills?” 

Soft skills are critical to functioning as a good leader, and I guess we need to spend a little bit of time on it.

Join me by the fire pit as we take a deep dive into the concepts of, “Soft Skills in Hard Places”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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