Anytime there’s somebody that’s losing me, that can’t stay focused for more than three seconds, I say, “Squirrel!”

That’s kind of the thing that we use these days to illustrate somebody who can’t stay focused, and I believe that is permeating our culture.

Humans are severely distracted, and again, if you can’t make a human connection as a leader today, then you’re pretty irrelevant. You are in an overcrowded marketplace, everybody’s just yelling at everybody. Everybody’s trying to over index, over rely on their product or their service or the selfie or whatever, and we can’t watch that. We can’t connect with that.

What we need is authenticity, transparency, good, solid story-telling, active listening, those interpersonal skills that are timeless.

Join me by the campfire in Old Florida as I dodge the smoke and we talk about how to focus the Squirrels…

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