On this episode of Rooftop Rally Point, we’re talking about another principle of the Special Forces approach that you can use in life and business which is getting, “Surrounded on Purpose”. How do we get Surrounded on Purpose? 

Well, what I teach on this, and I still teach this to special ops and law enforcement is, one, let’s get a really clear understanding of what the goals are. What are our goals, and what are the other party’s goals? For example, if I’m taking over a new position as a VP in a company, and I want to build a high performing culture, then the first thing is to get clear on what my goals are, and I’ve got to be able to put those goals out there to my team and then discover their goals as well.

Join me by the fire pit, let’s take a deep dive and get, “Surrounded on Purpose”.

I’ll see you on the Rooftop,

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