Whether it’s Army Rangers, Navy Seals or Green Berets, the reality is the same, they train. They have a deeper and better relationship with practice than anyone around them. They are able to get into a state of flow that is similar to what extreme athletes do when the stakes are life and death.

That’s ultimate performance. If high performance is what professional athletes do, Ultimate performance is when you get into a state of flow, in that zone, where you just get it done, but the stakes are life and death, where a mistake would kill you.

But to get there you have to train.

You have to have a deeper relationship with practice, and that’s what special operators do. They do so many reps on a target that by the time that they actually execute the mission, their performance is like second nature. It is literally in their body. We call it muscle memory.

Join me by the campfire and let’s discuss, “The Art Of Practice”…

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…

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