The Hero’s Journey is a timeless story, it is one of the oldest forms of story in the world, it is a structure that can really serve you well when you are leading with story.

The Hero’s Journey framework, was really codified by a guy named Joseph Campbell and his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. What Campbell essentially said is, every hero, or every protagonist, or main character, if you will, from Alexander the Great to Rocky Balboa to JFK, all follow the structure of The Hero’s Journey.

It’s a universal structure for very purposeful storytelling. Now, you ask, “Okay, what kind of purposes?”

Well, The Hero’s Journey structure is great for keynotes. If you have to get up on the stage and address people, whether it’s at a church congregation or at a massive keynote, The Hero’s Journey is a proven structure to use.

It’s also great for honoring people, folks who are new arrivals to your team or your company, or maybe you’re honoring someone for an award, or maybe you have to introduce a guest speaker, or even introduce one person to another, a very sacred form of connection, The Hero’s Journey structure connects to the listener at the most visceral primal level, where people feel a sense of reciprocity. The story is so compelling, it’s so powerful, they want to do something for you. It hits an emotional chord.

Join me by the campfire this week as we go deep on, “The Hero’s Journey”.

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